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International and Economic News

Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Regulation and Deregulation of Industry
It is the highest fine ever imposed by the Financial Conduct Authority, or its predecessor agency, for failing to properly segregate client accounts, potentially putting them at risk if the company were to become insolvent.
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Home Appliances
The Dutch electronics giant will split into two entities: one focused on health care and technology, and one on lighting.
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
The survey showed that business activity in September was still expanding, but just barely, with the index falling to its lowest level this year.
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
The acceleration in manufacturing in September came as unemployment climbs, a preliminary HSBC survey showed on Tuesday.
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Guardian sustainable business
From Vermont to Hawaii, the GPI is becoming more popular. How can states use it to inform policy and economic development strategies?Vermont two years ago became the first state in the US to pass a law introducing a new metric for measuring economic performance and success.The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) offers an alternative to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which has been used at national and state levels since Simon Kuznets presented it to Congress in 1934, despite his warning of...
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Public services policy
Spending cuts are determining the objectives and nature of outsourcing deals including reductions in pay and staff benefits. But there is another wayThe debate about outsourcing public services often generates more heat than light. Arguments rage between those who see it offering more bang for the public buck and the sceptics who say public money is wastefully (and needlessly) being spent enriching shareholders and chief executives. Yet there is a dearth of definitive evidence either way, and...
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Throwing a taper tantrum over a Zirp? John Lanchester, author of How to Speak Money, shares his favourite (or least favourite) examples of money jargon. What are yours?Guardian Live: John Lanchester will be in conversation with the Guardians economics editor Larry Elliott on 24 September. To see the full Guardian Live event listings, click here.Here are my favourite, or least favourite (it can be hard to tell the difference, sometimes), pieces of economic jargon:AusterityAusterity is a real...
Tuesday, 23. September 2014
Ed Balls
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