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International and Economic News

Tuesday, 21. October 2014
Deaths (Fatalities)
Christophe de Margerie, who became C.E.O. in 2007, and three crew members were killed when a business jet struck a snowplow during takeoff.
Tuesday, 21. October 2014
The sales of 39 million iPhones helped the company bring in $8.5 billion in profit in the last quarter.
Tuesday, 21. October 2014
Shopping and Retail
A slowing in the pace of growth, partly by design, has made assessing the Chinese economy and predicting its prospects difficult.
Tuesday, 21. October 2014
Regulation and Deregulation of Industry
More than 14 million vehicles by 11 automakers that contain defective air bags made by Takata, a Japanese auto supplier, have been recalled.
Monday, 20. October 2014
Eurozone crisis
Worrying day for people moving house, as the system used to move billions of pounds between banks in the UK every day crashes. Summary: Investigation launchedHome sales hit in Sheffield....and in Great Missenden 9.52pm BST Late breaking news.... the Bank of England has just issued a statement, apologising for any problems caused by todays technical crash.RTGS closed at 20:00 hrs (BST). All 142,759 payments submitted to RTGS today before the extended deadline have now been processed. The Bank has...
Monday, 20. October 2014
The banks aim is to revive economies in the single currency zone that have been hit by a decline in business lendingThe European Central Bank (ECB) has embarked on a spending spree that could see it pump 1tn (£790bn) into the eurozones financial system.After months of debate, on Monday the Frankfurt-based central bank began buying covered bonds in the next stage in its battle to revive the eurozone economy and keep deflation at bay. Continue reading...
Monday, 20. October 2014
What Thomas Piketty has shown us, is that since 1980, it is only the rich and the very rich who have benefited from growth, writes Roger FarmerI have been slow to home in on Thomas Pikettys book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, but it is hard to ignore the chatter that the book has generated from those on all sides of the political spectrum. The book sheds welcome light on the topic of income and wealth inequality and it has rekindled a debate in the United States and Europe on an age-old...
Monday, 20. October 2014
Economic growth (GDP)
Item Club warns growth and business investment may be squeezed as businesses are nervous over political uncertaintyBritains economy could suffer a huge uncertainty shock if next years general election delivers a hung parliament, a leading economic forecaster warns.The prospect of no clear winner when Britain heads to the polling booths in May is already pushing down next years growth and business investment predictions, according to the EY Item Clubs autumn forecast. It also cites the...
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