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International and Economic News

Wednesday, 30. July 2014
Wireless Communications
Telefónica said Wednesday that it was in negotiations with an unnamed Mexican company in a deal that could be valued at up to $4 billion. Such a takeover could allow it to better compete with América Móvil.
Wednesday, 30. July 2014
Barcelona (Spain)
The British drug maker AstraZeneca said it would initially pay $875 million to Almirall of Spain for the rights to the drugs, and up to $1.22 billion more if development and sales milestones are met.
Wednesday, 30. July 2014
Argentina could default on billions of dollars of bonds on Wednesday, though the nation's negotiators, led by the country's economy minister, had held discussions with representatives of the hedge funds for several hours late Tuesday night.
Wednesday, 30. July 2014
Fiat SpA|FIATY|other-OTC
Fiat Chrysler on Wednesday reported a fall in second-quarter operating profit as a better performance from its luxury brands and its Asia and European operations failed to offset weak Latin American and disappointing North American results.
Tuesday, 29. July 2014
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Tuesday, 29. July 2014
Economic policy
As the justifications for gross inequality collapse, only the Green party is brave enough to take on the billionaires boot boysWhen inequality reaches extreme and destructive levels, most governments seek not to confront it but to accommodate it. Wherever wealth is absurdly concentrated, new laws arise to protect it.In Britain, for example, successive governments have privatised any public asset that excites corporate greed. They have cut taxes on capital and high incomes. They have legalised...
Tuesday, 29. July 2014
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Report also warns that emerging market economies are slowing in a synchronised and protracted mannerRising interest rates in advanced economies and a slowdown in emerging markets could combine to cut global growth by as much as 2%, the International Monetary Fund has warned.Its latest report into how policy moves in one country can spill over into others also highlights the threat that tensions in Russia and Ukraine could send shockwaves through financial and commodity markets across Europe...
Tuesday, 29. July 2014
Hedge funds
Talks with vulture funds fail in case campaigners say could set precedent for investors to wreck other countries' debt dealsArgentina is on the brink of its second debt default since the turn of the century, as hopes fade that last-minute talks will hammer out a deal with "vulture fund" bondholders. Argentinian officials met a US mediator in New York in the latest chapter of a decade-long debt battle with hedge funds that bought up the country's bonds at rock-bottom prices in the...
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